How to avoid marathon injuries

Physiotherapists are advising runners on how to avoid injury during this weekend’s Dublin marathon.

The top tips are:

· Avoid hypothermia and keep warm by wearing the right clothes , both at the startline and finish.
· Avoid cramps by drinking enough water and isotonic drinks (a balance of salt and sugar).
· Ensure you perform an adequate dynamic warm-up prior to the start – easy jogging, short strides, heel kicks, high knee running and trunk twists.
· Foam rolling can also be beneficial for enhancing performance and preventing injuries. In order to get the most effective results, use the roller prior to stretching.
· Make sure the runners you wear on the day are well broken-in, fit comfortably and laces are tied properly so that the runner is not loose against the foot. Also, wear good socks and apply blister plasters on areas prone to blisters before the marathon.
· Don’t forget to rub Vaseline on body areas that will repetitively rub against your clothing and use ‘Second-Skin’ plasters on feet to avoid blisters.
Post-race recovery advice includes:
· As uncomfortable as it may be, keep moving after you cross the finish line.
· Static stretching aims to lengthen muscles and helps prevent muscle soreness and joint stiffness.
· Soak your body in a cold bath, lake or ocean within a few hours of the race to aid decreasing inflammation in the working muscles, thereby easing pain and aiding recovery.
· Allow sufficient time for your body to rest before returning to training.
· If you sustain a minor injury follow the PRICE Protocol · Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. For more serious injuries seek medical attention.
Chartered physiotherapists will be on hand at both the Marathon EXPO in the RDS on Saturday October 26 and 27 and on Marathon day, Monday 28.
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